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Remy Ciao is an enterprising model who has been featured in music videos, advertisements, runway shows, and model expos. Remy's success is founded on her versatility: her recent endeavors include commercial work for tech-giant HTC and Zulily, winning the DList Magazine's 2015 Cover Girl Search, music videos, like Sonny Bonoho's "Elvis" and Heather Gin's "Do it Right" and "Classy Girl Strut," as well as Hot Import Nights.

Remy is Chinese and a polyglot in English, Chinese, French, and Spanish. Originally from San Francisco, Remy now resides near Seattle, WA, but has also lived in Washington, D.C., the Netherlands, and France. She has spent time exploring Belize, Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, and Spain, and hopes to continue her cross-cultural encounters in her work.