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J. L. W.

Well long story short I've been working on cars for years mainly domestics so finally I took on my biggest project ever which has been a job just getting this pile of parts i bought out of guys backyard running. After about $2500 worth of parts I managed to get this 1992 BMW 318is just to run to spec then it was time to start modifications to make it a fun "Sunday" driver. After a Dinan performance kit that was harder to find than a old person after 11p.m. and a fabricated intake and exhaust system I was satisfied with being able to run with my friend's 5 speed thunderbird super coupe(from a 30 roll hard to match double the torque off the line)... key word being was now it's time for boost and suspension work (thank you MoDoT for never fixing the Dragonball Z like craters in the streets here) Well wish me luck and I'll keep you posted on how this goes with the progress